An Interesting Passage From II Samuel

We attended Northpoint Community Church yesterday. Andy Stanley is a master communicator. He preached a message about relationships that we should fight for. He shared how his dad fought for the relationship with him. Dr. Stanley and Andy had a major disagreement 13 years ago. But his dad was determined that even though they would never agree on the issue, they were going to have a father/son relationship. In the course of the sermon on David and Absalom, he read a scripture that shows the heart of God and how He fights to have a relationship with us.

2 Samuel 14:14 (NKJV)
For we will surely die and become like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again. Yet God does not take away a life; but He devises means, so that His banished ones are not expelled from Him.

This is taken from the time when Absalom was in self exile for killing his brother and the prophet Joab had put together a plan to encourage David to allow Absalom to return.

We see in this verse, spoken by the woman from Tekoa to David, that we will all die and that once death has occurred we are of no use. Like water, we can not be pulled from the ground and brought back to life. We have no value until the day of resurrection of the dead. But we also see in this verse, God’s plans, we see God’s mercy and grace and a future life because the Father will not take our lives;

but He devises means, so that His banished ones are not expelled from Him.

This is ‘amazing grace’.


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