Why does God allow flies, poison oak, snakes, sand fleas, Ammon and Moab?

I am not sure of the why on the other things, but we  can’t really blame Ammon and Moab on God.  Problems are  a part of life, a part of God ‘s plan to train us, to make  us who He wants us to be.    But what if the  problems were created by our own wrong decisions?

The nation of Israel had at least two such  problems.  One was Ammon. One was Moab. Ammon  became a bitter enemy and opposed Israel (the followers  of God) in future generations.  It was Moab that  refused Israel passage through the land after coming out of  Egypt. It was Moab that hired Balaam to curse Israel.   In Psalm 108:9, we find an interesting description of  Moab. We read, “Moab is my washpot.” J. Vernon McGee says  that one way to paraphrase this is, “Moab is my garbage  can.”  It was a place that God frowned upon and its  people were an outcast people. Moab in the Bible is a type  of the old man and the fleshly desires of the old  life.

These problems began with Lot, who was the nephew of  Abraham.  Lot had no sons, only two daughters.  A man would be greatly saddened if he did  not have a male heir to continue the family  name. Genesis 19:31-38 says that the daughters  were concerned for their father, but rather than  choosing to wait on God, they decided  to take matters into their own hands.  One of the girls came up with a plan to get dad drunk and sleep with  him one night.  She then had her  sister do the same the next night.  One daughter gave birth to Moab who became father of the Moabites. One daughter gave birth to Ammon who became father of  Ammonites.

The nations of Moab and Ammon are the bi-products of not waiting on God!

In the Hebrew, Moab has several meanings:

Money charged on the Visa card instead of  waiting for God to supply
Problem caused because you left your old job and took  a new job instead of waiting on  God to fix the old job
Marrying a boy of your choosing rather than  waiting on God’s  choice…and now you find you married a ‘loser’
Partner you took into the business because you needed  his money rather than wait on God to provide the  capital…and your partner is a ‘crook’
Anything you do when you don’t wait on  God!
Now that’s not what Moab really means in the Hebrew. But  that is what Moab and Ammon represent in real life.

If you are about to make a decision and you don’t  have the go ahead from God…WAIT, you are about to birth a  MOAB!

Some of you have asked if ReFocus is an incorporated,  non-profit, 501 (c) 3?  We are now.  We are  incorporated as ReFocus Ministry, Inc. Our 501 (c) 3  will be approved shortly.  This means that all  contributions to our ministry are tax-deductible.   We still maintain the posture that God has led us to. We  will only tell God of our needs.  But we will tell  everyone when God meets our needs.  We believe that God has led us to be a demonstration to the church that you can trust God.  By simply praying about our needs, God touches the hearts of people to give. God amazes us with  what He is doing in the realm of our finances.

Billy and Sheilah Daws

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