Carried Away

When I turned and saw my bride walk down the aisle in her beautiful white wedding dress, I was carried away.  When I saw the birth of my four children, I was carried away.   When I saw my first sunset on Bean Point on Anna Maria Island, I was carried away.

To be carried away means to be left speechless…to be in awe…to be dumbfounded…to struggle for words that will describe the situation.

When we take time to look at the Lord, we are carried away.  God is my security.  I went to church as a child at Macedonia Baptist Church in Oxford, Georgia.  The church had a scary cemetary right beside it.  As a boy of 5, I can remember being scarred one night at church. I looked up and I saw my dad walking to the car. My dad was a blue collar worker. His hands were strong, calloused and rough. I slipped my little hand in his and when he grasped my hand, I was not scarred anymore.  God has big, calloused, rough, strong hands and I am secure in his hands. I am carried away by the absolute security He gives me.

Remember when you were in school and you knew that you did something really wrong.  You also knew that the teacher knew what you did.  There was the pain of facing the teacher and then the note she wrote to your parents. There were those painful questions from your mom and dad, “What did you do? and Why did you do it?”  Your words came so hard…they almost choked in your throat, “I did…and I was wrong. Would you forgive me?” There is nothing like the feeling of knowing that what I did has been punished and now is forgiven.  WOW!  God knows what I did…I know what I did…and I agree with God and I ask His forgiveness.  He writes the note and folds it up and nails it to a wooden post…I have to look…I have to know what is in that note.  I slowly open it and it reads, “This sin is paid for in full and you are restored!”  My heart misses a beat…I collapse against the wooden post…I look up and it has a cross board and it is stained with blood.  I am carried away!

I love the Lord and He loves me…I am carried away by that.  I love God…why not…He has blessed me; He has forgiven me; He has given me grace; He has healed me; He has saved me. Oh, I know there have been times that I have been so mad at Him that I did not even want to speak to Him.  But it was only temporary…when I saw the full picture, I understood the delays.  I love God so much.  What I struggle with is why would He love me?  I am so inconsistent…so unfaithful…so sinful…why would He love me so.  And then I saw a verse that I could not fully comprehend. It is so spectacular and so amazing that it absolutely carried me away.  The Lord speaks in Song of Solomon 4:9, “You have ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse; you have ravished my heart with one look of your eyes, with one link of your necklace.”  God says that when I look at Him with just one look of submission, that His heart is ravished!  He looks at me…warts and all, and when I yield to Him, God is carried away!   I am carried away by that!  But that is not all of the story.  God is almighty and nothing overwhelms Him…except one thing. When you and I gaze on the Lord with loving eyes, He melts!  In Song of Solomon 6:5, the Lord says to you, “Turn your eyes away from me,  for they have overcome me.”  I am carried away with the very thought of that!

Words fail me…I can not tell you how great is our God!  I am carried away!

Please let us know how we can pray for you, as we desire to be your intercessory missionaries.

Billy and Sheilah Daws

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