Dangerous Calling

Almost 20 years ago, we took our kids to the square in Covington and watched the filming of ‘In the Heat of the Night’ starring Carroll O’Conner.  Little did we know the impact that would have on our kids.  Yesterday, we took over the square of Covington to film the Daws Brothers’ film, ‘Dangerous Calling’.  We had chase scenes through the square and intense dialogue on a park bench…the very spot that ‘Archie Bunker’ talked.  Wow…we were overwhelmed.

Week two is complete.  Many thanks to Betsy and Marco Falgiano who manage the Falling Waters Lodge in Ellijay and to Alan Dover who owns the lodge.  Thank you to the people of Ellijay who encouraged, supported, and blessed us so abundantly.

Now…week three.  We start in Winder tomorrow and move on to Armuchee/Rome, Georgia.  We again have the opportunity to show love to the cast and crew.

‘Dangerous Calling’ is a story depicting spiritual warfare that exists in thousands of churches.   A powerful woman with a Jezebel spirit controls the church.  She opposes the youth pastor because he is reaching young people who are ‘different’ and she believes these are ‘undesireables’.  When the new pastor sides with the youth pastor, the conflict intensifies.  The message:  the church must be ready to reach out to those who may be different, reaching beyond its comfort zone (John 3:16,1 Cor 10:24, John 13:24, Acts 10:34, James 1:27).  There is also an underlying message that there are some in the church who have an appearance of godliness, but do not allow God’s power to control them (2 Tim. 3:5).

God has richly blessed us.  Our children are happy.  Jenny is living out her dream of working with the monkeys and elephants at Zoo Atlanta.  Last week, little Jenny…all 100 pounds of her…bathed an elephant.   She said that their knees are like the knees of a baby…cute and wrinkled.

Jon is flying all over the country with ‘Get Motivated Seminars’ and films interviews with the speakers which include Bill Cosby, Rudy Gulliano, Tiki Barber, Peyton Manning, Ed McMann, Zig Ziglar, and many more.  He enjoys his job and was recently promoted.   He continues to play bass in a local band.

These last two weeks Josh and Jer have been living out their dream of making a full feature movie and building relationships with a cast and crew.  They are respresenting Christ well as they remain calm in the midst of tense moments on a movie set.

Josh’s wife, Becca, encourages Josh in his dreams and enjoys her job as Assimilation Coordinator at North Point Community Church.  We continue to pray she will soon live out her dream of being a mom.

We are happy, blessed, and provided for.  We recently had the opportunity to sit with a young man who does not believe in God.  He asked what we do.  We told him that we pray and intercede for familes and individuals who are hurting.  He asked us how do we get paid.  We were able to tell him about the last several years…when we need money, we simply tell only God and God sends us what we need.  He listened intently as this totally cut across the grain of what he believes.  Seeds were planted in this young man who struggles to believe there is a God.

We know that your prayers and support for our family have helped make all this possible and we sincerely thank you.

We love yall.

Billy and Sheilah Daws 

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