Does God ever break His promise?

Does God ever break His promise?  If He does just one time, then it would produce a cloud over the rest of your walk with Him?  That cloud would then cause doubts on any future situation.

Mary and Martha’s brother was a good friend of Jesus.  Lazarus was sick so the sisters sent word to Jesus.  They expected Jesus to drop everything and come running.   John 11:4 (GW)  When Jesus heard the message, he said, “His sickness won’t result in death. Instead, this sickness will bring glory to God so that the Son of God will receive glory through it.”  So Jesus did not drop everything and the sisters held onto a promise…he will not die.

Lazarus proceeded to get sicker and sicker until…Lazarus died!!  Jesus didn’t show up…not until Lazarus had been in the grave four days.  You know what made this even worse…Jesus seemed to be insensitive to the whole situation. John 11:15 (GW)  “…but I’m glad that I wasn’t there so that you can grow in faith. Let’s go to Lazarus.”  Ouch!

The darkest time in life comes when you receive a promise from God and then you realize that He broke His promise. Can you imagine the cloud that suddenly appeared over the head of Mary and Martha.  Up to this point in life, they lived with the knowledge that God would always keep His Word, that Jesus had always come through for them, that they could always lean on the faithfulness of God and Jesus.  Now the sisters had a precedent.  A precedent is “a legal decision establishing a principle or rule that a court or other judicial body or individual adopts when deciding subsequent cases with similar issues or facts”.  That simply means that when need arises in the future, we don’t know if God will meet that need!

But hold on!  Let’s look at this more closely.  What did the sisters hear Jesus say?  They heard Jesus say that Lazarus would not die.  What did Jesus say?  He said that Lazarus’ sickness would not result in death.  The sister’s believed that death wasn’t part of the story and this was the end.  They didn’t know the rest of the story…they had no idea that Jesus would take Lazarus through death’s door and back again!

One writer puts it this way, “God is the perpetual present, the Eternal I Am.  He is not limited to the past of the future; He lives in the constant state of being  Can I tell you what it means to me?  In the realm where Jesus lives, in the realm of perpetual life, Lazarus wasn’t dead.  God can never be late; He doesn’t wear a wristwatch.  He’ll reach into the past to pull your promises back into your present if necessary.  He’ll resurrect something you thought was forever lost.” (God’s Eye View by Tommy Tenney)

God has never broken a promise…it may be that you simply don’t have the full story yet.

Do you trust Him enough to wait on the promise?  500 people saw the resurrected Jesus and watched His ascension.  Jesus told them to ‘wait in Jerusalem’ and they would receive a wonderful gift of power.  But when that gift was given, there were only 120 there to receive it  What happened to the other 380?  Maybe they thought that He was not keeping His promise.  They missed out on what God was up to.

If God has not fulfilled a promise to you…look at it again.  Just because you don’t see it yet, doesn’t mean that He isn’t doing it…you can’t see the end of the perfect story that He has written just for you.

We love yall.

Billy and Sheilah Daws

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