God’s Three Act Drama

In the great scheme of things, you will notice that God follows a pattern. God is such a ‘story teller’. The first act presents the individual as one with great potential who is ripe for a vision. The second act presents the setback or the failure. The setback can be self induced or it can be an act of God’s sovereign permission. Many people get stuck in the second act. This is where the enemy whispers that we are losers. The third act is the comeback, the restoration…the victory!

Now apply this pattern to Joseph, Moses, Abraham, Samson, David, and ultimately to Jesus Christ. Jesus came as the man who loved and lived among people…He was perfect. The setback was the cross. The comeback was the restoration.

Which act are you in? God is on schedule with your life. We are all part of a great drama to bring glory to the Master ‘story teller’!

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