Embarassed by Comparison

I recently have engaged in some complaining. I have not liked the way God has acted in my life. I have ‘advised’ Him but to no avail.

A friend gave me a little poem years ago. I can’t find it but the message is powerful. It seems that someone complained to God that the cross God gave them to bear was too heavy. So God invited the person to go to the building where God stored a copy of the crosses that had been given to each person. He was allowed to swap his cross in for any in the building. In the building he saw big crosses, rugged crosses, rough crosses, hard crosses, and gigantic crosses. But over in the corner, he saw a nice shiny small cross. So he told God that he wanted to swap the one he had with the shiny small one. To his surprise, God told him that that was the cross he already had.

I complain. Then I hear of the Steven Curtis Chapman’s tragedy. I can’t imagine the pain that his family must feel right now. I will keep what I have been given in life to deal with.

I am sorry, God.

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