Lesson 2 From the Old Testament

Judges 6 and 7 tell the story of Gideon, the might man of valor.  The Midianites had raided Israel for 7 years in a row coming right at harvest time.  They stole everything.  In fact in Judges 6:6, it says that Israel was impoverished…it means that they were emptied.  Because of this, they cried out to the Lord.

How did they get in this mess?  Judges 6:1 says that Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord.  So this 7 years is simply the consequences of bad living.  Does God ever deliver us if we are at fault?  Yes!

God let the consequences go until it had made an impression on Israel.  But in His mercy, He heard the cry of His people.  He raised up Gideon to lead them.  God asked Gideon to do the illogical…reduce your army from 32,000 to 300.  It was going to be bad enough with 32,000 going against 135,000 Midianites…but now its only 300 up against 135,000.

God fought this battle for them.  The 300 were there as observers to the power of Almighty God and to give testimony after the battle!

What a comfort to know that even if my situation was caused by my deliberate sin or my stupidity or my foolishness, God is still my Father and thus He is my deliverer!

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