A Great Prayer Guide

Sylvia Gunter is a great friend. She is a powerful prayer warrior. Her website is: www.thefathersbusiness.com . She sends out a weekly newsletter. All of them are good. This week’s is an excellent prayer guide. I simply offer it now:

7 Prayer Principles Multiplied 7 Days A Week
For The World
1. Lift up Jesus as Lord to the glory of the Father and acknowledge His sovereignty, rule, and authority in your life, in the whole earth, and in a particular country.

*Glorify the King of kings. God reigns, Ps. 47:8. His dominion endures, Ps. 145:11-13.

2. By the blood of Jesus and in His all-powerful name, in prayer stand against all spiritual forces that are operating in the country to blind it, bind it, and hold it captive.

*Claim that the name of the LORD subjugates every opposing ruling power and causes every knee to bow in submission to His rule and authority. Eph. 1:21-22, Phi. 2:9-11.

3. Pray for the Spirit of God to open the heavens over a specific area or country.

*Pray for a Holy Spirit breakthrough over the traditional religious systems that dominate. Confess idolatry and sins of the nation/peoples. Rend the heavens and come down, Isaiah 64:1-4.

4. Pray for an awakened church. John 17.
*A spirit of humility, repentance, and revival 2 Chronicles 7:14
*For the church to move in unity, love, and power of the Spirit John 17:23, 24, 26

5. Pray for pastors and Christian leaders who are God-anointed, God-appointed, and God-empowered and for a mighty movement of intercessory prayer that is aggressive in spiritual warfare.

*God’s protection and will John 17:4, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19
*For use of spiritual weapons 2 Corinthians 10:3-4

6. Pray for political leaders to repent, receive salvation, and govern righteously and for the “most unlikely” unrighteous men to be converted and become radical disciples.

*Pray for Christians in leadership to know their God and stand strong in the fear of the Lord.
*Pray for all in authority – 1 Timothy 2:1-4
*For just men to rule in the fear of the Lord – 2 Samuel 23:3

7. Pray for the Lord of the harvest to reap multitudes for spiritual awakening and salvation and that new believers will be strong, growing disciples in the Lord.

*God is not willing for any to perish 2 Peter 3:9
*That God’s provision for sin be applied to the need of all those who do not know the Savior John 17:25
*That children and youth hear the gospel and learn the character of God and go forth as the “sent ones” Mark 10:14-15

Father, glorify Your name in all the earth.

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