Outline for Praying for Your Pastor

hourglass-90Recently I came across this list prepared by Jim Husband.

Monday: Pray for your pastor’s family:
• God’s peace and protection
• A growing love relationship between pastor and spouse
• A commitment to quality and quantity time together
Tuesday: Pray for wisdom for your pastor.
• The mind of Christ
• Godly decision-making
• Understanding of biblical truth
Wednesday: Pray for the ministry focus of your pastor.
• Clear vision
• Commitment to biblical priorities
• Remain true to his or her God-given gifts and strengths

Thursday: Pray for the health of your pastor.

• Protection of body and mind
• An extra portion of stamina and strength
• Commitment to stress-releasing activity

Friday: Pray for spiritual growth of your pastor.

• A heart for God and the lost
• Fresh biblical insights
• Personal devotions not related to sermon preparation

Saturday: Pray for the purity of your pastor.

• Pure motives
• Pure thought-life and faithfulness to spouse
• Pure commitment to complete integrity

Sunday: Pray for God’s anointing on your pastor.

• Strength in leadership
• Passion in preaching
• Fruit and joy in ministry

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