Defining Vision

Scripture indicates that ‘without vision the people perish’.  Burt Nanus said, “There is no more powerful engine driving an organization toward excellence and long-range success than an attractive, worthwhile and achievable vision of the future, widely shared.”

So what is vision?  How can you define it?  Listen to what George Barna says of vision:

Vision is a clear and precise mental portrait of a preferable future, imparted by God to His chosen servants, based on an accurate understanding of God, self and circumstances.

Consider the components of God’s vision.

Vision is tangible to the beholder. Although it is just a concept or perspective of a nonexistent reality, vision exists within the mind of a visionary so clearly that it may be thought of as a living image. Such a vision motivates and directs ministry, filters information, serves as a catalyst in decision making and measures progress.

Changes Will Occur.

Vision involves change. It enables you to improve a situation. It focuses on the future and represents a perspective that anticipates the challenges and opportunities to come. The visionary Christian is one who appreciates the past, lives in the present, but thinks in the future. That future, if it is to bring pleasure to God, will be significantly different from the reality you experience today.

Vision is initiated by God, is desired by His people and is conveyed through the Holy Spirit. God communicates His vision only to those who have persisted in knowing Him intimately, for His vision is a sacred part of unfolding His eternal plan. This means that your motives for seeking a vision are crucial.

Recall the sin of Simon the Sorcerer, who offered Peter money in return for the power of the Holy Spirit and was immediately castigated by the apostle for his inappropriate desire (see Acts 8:9-24). He also was disqualified from having the power he craved. Your motives must be pure and your heart willing not only to receive the vision, but also to commit yourself to seeing it come to pass.

Vision is not for the fainthearted. It insinuates a burning desire to devote your life to blessing God through your relentless pursuit of its completion.

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