Wednesday of Passion Week

Wednesday of Passion Week

Again it is a busy day.  On Tuesday, Jesus had been challenged four different times by four different opponents.  He had met each group head on by turning the questions around to teach much needed truth.  Jesus had silenced those who opposed His claim to be the Messiah.

Now it is His turn to question His opponents in Mark 12.   Jesus did not stand against them as an opponent. He questioned them as men who were in error and needed to see the truth.  He was reaching out to them in the hope that some would receive the truth of His Messiahship and accept Him as the Son of God.  He asked them this question, “What think ye of Christ, the Messiah?”

Jesus takes them from the idea that He is a descendant of David, a mere man  to the idea that He is the Lord of David as God Himself.

It is amazing to watch in this His last week, that Jesus continues to teach.

He knew that men need to be warned.  There are some things that especially disturb and arouse anger in Jesus, some things that will result in terrible judgment.  This passage discusses in Mark 12 six of these sins.  All six have to do with pride.

vs. 38  dressing to draw attention
vs. 38  exalting man
vs. 38  being seen of man
vs. 39  seeking front seats to be admired and honored
vs. 40  devouring widows for gain
vs. 40  praying long prayers to show piety

Jesus walked into the Court of women over by the treasury.  The treasury was an area in which there were thirteen trumpet shaped collection boxes where the worshippers dropped their offerings.  He sat down all alone to get some relief and rest from the tension of the past hours.  While resting, He noticed how people cast money into the treasury.  He was deliberately observing, discerning the motives of the people as they made their offerings.  He saw many walk by and drop in sizeable offerings.  Some were apparently quite large contributions.  He could see the large amount of coins and hear them clang against the sides as they slid down the funnel shaped trumpets.  But none attracted His admiration.  Finally a poor widow came along and threw in two mites, which were coins of very little value.  Christ took what He saw and taught what true giving really is.

Real giving is sacrificial giving
Real giving is measured by how much a person has left not by how much a person gives
Real giving seeks to have a need met
Real giving is giving all a person has

It was still early on Wednesday…by the end of the day…He would give a discourse on unbelief, a discourse on the end times, and a discourse on the judgment day.  He would teach about the Parable of 10 virgins and 10 talents.  He had to get this all done because Thursday is coming…what a day that will be.

Think on these things.

Billy and Sheilah Daws

Ps.  There is a lot of good evidence that the day of the cross could have been Thursday.  For our study, we will take the traditional approach that the cross took place on Friday.

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