The following poem is so convicting. It was written by Russell Kelfer.


Oh, the perennial problem of pride

How it sneaks in unawares

It robs us of God’s grace and power

It nullifies our prayers

Oh, the perennial problem of pride

It exalts us against our brothers

It blinds our eyes till all we see

Is self instead of others

Oh, the perennial problem of pride

It was Satan’s cardinal sin

And it steals into our lives until

It makes its mark again

—God hates it—says the Scripture.

He cannot stand to see

His children steal His glory

While crying—Look at me!!

It breaks His heart to see us

In our own power strive

To elevate the role of self

As though self were alive!

Pride — God stands against it

He sets Himself apart

But oh, with open arms He comes

To those of contrite heart

Humble yourselves, beloved

We hear the Master say

And when it’s time, I’ll lift you up

Because you came My way

Oh, the perennial problem of pride

Must it take its toll?

No beloved, choose God’s way

And God will make you whole!

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