Radical Transformation

Acts 9 records the radical transformation of Saul to Paul. Most would have labeled Saul an impossibility. But God reached down in His grace and transformed Saul. God used three supernatural events to reach Saul. 1) On the way to damascus, a light brought him to his knees. 2) A voice confronted him. 3) God directed Ananias to visit Saul and instruct him what to do.

Everyone of us know those ‘impossible’ situations. A friend or relative or co-worker that would be impossible to reach. We need to use God’s pattern and pray those three supernatural events into their life. The light is an experience that is a ‘show stopper’. This is an experience that arrests a person’s attention. Ask God to do something that would grab their attention. Leave the means up to God.

Ask God to speak to the person thru the ‘voice’ of a person, book, sermon, impression, or even possibly God’s audible voice. The voice confronts the person with where they are, what they are doing, and what God wants to do in their life.

Finally, pray for a divine visitation. Pray that God would send a person to bring specific instructions.

Never give up on the person who has never come to the Lord. Never give up on the person who has fallen away from God! Use these three steps in prayer!

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