The Warrior’s Call

What do you do when you feel God call you to ministry? Is there no other way to serve God than fulltime career with a church?

If God calls you to a career service in the local church, you must go! But don’t put limits on God…He can use you in positions that we can’t even imagine. Joseph was prepared to serve God totally as the #2 man in all of Egypt and Daniel was prepared to serve God as the #2 in Babylon.

Glen Keane was a young animator who got saved. He felt called to fulltime service. He talked to his pastor. God used his pastor to show him how God could use him where he was. Glen Keane stayed where he was…serves God faithfully. He was the animator for ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Tangled’. He shines at Disney for the kingdom.

For Glen Keane’s complete story, read this article

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