Why Do Christians Get Sick

This article was recently in Journey Christian News:

Have you noticed that the list of sick people on our church prayer chains has been growing every year? Do you suppose Satan is trying to divert our attention from doing God’s work? How can we change that?

Paul and Ann Malkmus are devoting their lives to changing it. They do it through a ministry/business that Paul’s father started, which Paul and Ann currently operate – Hallelujah Acres. “Through the inventions of the automobile, the television, the Internet, and more recently the cell phone,” says Paul, “there seem to be endless ways that people are being distracted from spending time with the Lord and giving Him their attention. But what about the other things that distract us? Our grandparents and great-grandparents may have listened to the radio, but they were physically active, working in the garden that grew the majority of what they ate. Today, we drive to the grocery store, get a buggy and fill it with packages, jars, cans and frozen foods, then bring the groceries back to our home, store them in a refrigerator, and prepare them by warming them in a microwave or a stove.”

“How much actual food are we really eating? How much actual exercise are we really getting?” Ann asks. “There may be several reasons for the increase in the sick people on our prayer lists, but we believe there are two main reasons: increased toxicity and nutritional deficiency.”

“Our soil, water, and air have changed significantly in the last 30 years. Over the years, our bodies have been exposed to radiation, heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides, to name a few. So has our food. Instead of eating fresh vegetables and fruit from the garden and meat that has roamed the land, people are eating food that has traveled thousands of miles to get to the grocery store, or has been canned, cooked, salted, seasoned and virtually processed until it has become devoid of nutrition,” explains Ann. “The cumulative effect has reduced our immune systems, causing the introduction of sickness and disease at an earlier age. People are able to live to be 120 according to the Bible (Gen 6:3). Why is it so difficult to achieve that? And if they do live longer, are they still mobile, able to hear, and enjoy a decent quality of life?”

The Bible says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4: 6 NIV). “If we want to live this life serving the Lord and doing His will, we must surrender not only our hearts and our souls but also our desire to eat foods that are known to cause our bodies to age more quickly, diminish our ability to think clearly, and create a general breakdown in our health,” Paul stresses. “We must return to eating foods that God created in His garden.” By following His design for how we nourish our bodies, we can serve Him like never before, because sickness and disease will no longer keep us from completing His mission for our lives. Will you take control of your health today?

To learn more about Paul and Ann Malkmus, connect with them at myhdiet.com


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