A Shift in Perspective

fromkeYears ago Sheilah and I attended a seminar in Fort Worth Texas. The speaker recommended a lot of books. One particular book was written by an author that I had never read nor had I heard his name mentioned.  It was a book entitled ‘The Ultimate Intention’ by DeVern Fromke.

Read this recommendation from Frank Viola:

Scores of pastors and teachers testify, “THIS CHANGED MY LIFE AND MINISTRY.” This is possibly this writer’s best book; in it he traces God’s eternal purpose for mankind, God’s rectifying work through the cross, and the glory of sonship. Whether you are a lay Christian or involved in ministry, your life will never be the same after reading this book! Every believer will be deeply impressed by a thorough reading of DeVern Fromke’s classic setting forth the importance of God-centeredness for the normal Christian life. Beginning with an unfolding of God’s eternal purpose which He purposed for Himself in eternity past, the various chapters set forth the importance of a God-centered view of reality as the only environment nurturing proper spiritual growth. It is not an exaggeration to say that this volume has radically altered many people’s understanding of the Christian life, lifting it beyond the pale of “self-interest” and into the only realm it was intended to be lived–with God as Center! This new reprint includes a study guide and can be used for personal or group study. We highly recommend using it to spur spiritual growth in your church.

The author considers these critical questions:

• In the beginning, before God created Adam (mankind), what was His original purpose and plan for him?

• What could have happened in the Garden of Eden if Adam had not sinned and God’s redemptive plan had not become necessary?

• We know that when God created Adam he received natural life, but how did God plan for Adam to receive Divine (uncreated) life? What is the difference between God’s creating and begetting work?

• It is evident that god has given the Cross a central place in His redemptive working; what is the differenece between the work of the Cross and the way of the Cross?

• Since God in the fulness of time will put on display His Divine masterpiece before all the universe, how can we fully cooperate with Him if we do not understand His ultimate intention?

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