In Celebration of Sunday School Teachers!

I had a Sunday School teacher at Macedonia Baptist Church in Oxford, Georgia that made quite an impression on me.  His name was O.R. Henderson.  He taught a bunch of junior boys. He let us fish in his pond.  Sunday School perfect attendance pins were big back then.  I had a string of them.  But one Sunday, I had to miss because of illness.  I don’t know if this was legal but Mr. Henderson came to my house and taught me my Sunday School lesson so that I could be counted ‘present’ in Sunday School. I will never forget that.

I have known some awesome Sunday School teachers through the years.  Some were great expositors. Some were great caring people. Some were both.  Our church is soon losing a great couple in Ron and Marcy Taylor…great teacher and great hospitality!  We wish them well in the new journey God has them on.

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