In Celebration of Sunday School Teachers!

I had a Sunday School teacher at Macedonia Baptist Church in Oxford, Georgia that made quite an impression on me.  His name was O.R. Henderson.  He taught a bunch of junior boys. He let us fish in his pond.  Sunday School perfect attendance pins were big back then.  I had a string of them.  But one Sunday, I had to miss because of illness.  I don’t know if this was legal but Mr. Henderson came to my house and taught me my Sunday School lesson so that I could be counted ‘present’ in Sunday School. I will never forget that.

I have known some awesome Sunday School teachers through the years.  Some were great expositors. Some were great caring people. Some were both.  Our church is soon losing a great couple in Ron and Marcy Taylor…great teacher and great hospitality!  We wish them well in the new journey God has them on.

One great Sunday School teacher was Russell Kelfer. I never met him. He was an elder and Bible teacher at Wayside Chapel in San Antonio, Texas for more than 20 years. During his life time he was active in a broad variety of Christian projects ranging from education to a World’s Fair pavilion. His legacy of practical application Bible studies, poems, and fictional stories know no denominational boundaries.

Russell died a few years ago.  But I think that I know him even though I never met him.  I have listened to hours and hours of his teaching. You can listen here.  Also, check these out!  You can watch him here.

Russell has written some great poetry also.  His poem on Waiting is the best. Read it here.

Next Sunday, tell your Sunday School teacher how much you appreciate the work they do!