How to Handle Rejection

I shared this past Sunday what rejection does for us. Rejection throws our whole being…body, soul, and spirit…out of sync! We are designed to have a God consciousness thru our spirit. We are designed to have a self consciousness thru our soul. We are designed to have a world consciousness thru our body. But rejection messes that up. Suddenly our self consciousness blows up and we our consumed with our self protection mode that we become self centered.
Jesus says, ‘come to me and take my yoke’. Take the yoke of the sin burden and the yoke of rejection…and do a yoke exchange! Give him your yoke of bondage and receive His yoke…for in His yoke we will find freedom. Now get this…in the exchange…you leave behind the rejection of man and receive the acceptance of Jesus…’for I am accepted in the Beloved!’ Hallelujah!!!
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