Total Forgiveness

This is one of my favorite books! It is ‘God Meant It For Good’ by R.T. Kendall. It is a fresh look at the life of Joseph. I don’t know that I have enjoyed a book as much as I have enjoyed this one. The chapter on forgiveness is the best I have ever seen. To erase the bitterness, we need to focus on real forgiveness.

Joseph demonstrated total forgiveness when he forgave his brothers.

1. Total forgiveness is when we protect the one we forgive. In Genesis 45:1, Joseph asked everyone to leave the room except his brothers. Why? because he did not want anyone to know what they had done to him.

2. Total forgiveness wants to make a person feel completely at ease. In Genesis 45:3, the brothers were troubled…and then Joseph asked them to come near.

3. Total forgiveness will not even allow the person to feel bad or angry with himself. In Genesis 45:4-5, Joseph says, do not be grieved or angry with yourselves.

4. Total forgiveness acknowledges that God was in charge thru the whole ordeal. ‘God did send me before you to preserve life!’

5. Total forgiveness is demonstrated when we keep someone’s sin hidden from the person who means most to him or her. Joseph said, tell dad that God sent Joseph before you to Egypt to preserve life for you.

Isn’t it time to totally forgive…in light of the cross. Aren’t you glad God totally forgave?

Move from the Back of the Roller Coaster to the Front!

What stresses you?  What stronghold is producing the stress in you?

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The American Institute of Stress says this, “Stress is difficult to define because it is so different for each of us. A good example is afforded by observing passengers on a steep roller coaster ride. Some are hunched down in the back seats, eyes shut, jaws clenched and white knuckled with an iron grip on the retaining bar. They can’t wait for the ride in the torture chamber to end so they can get back on solid ground and scamper away. But up front are the wide-eyed thrill seekers, yelling and relishing each steep plunge who race to get on the very next ride. And in between you may find a few with an air of nonchalance that borders on boredom. So, was the roller coaster ride stressful?

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God Desires To Make You a Change Agent!

Os Hillman writes, “I HAVE STUDIED THE lives of change agents and have observed, both in my life and in the lives of other change agents, six unique stages God often takes His change agents through in their spiritual pilgrimage toward becoming a change agent. I have personally gone through each of these changes in my own life.

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